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  1. This one is going to be worth watching. The latest 12z GFS and 12z ECMWF are starting to come into agreement on a potential Winter Storm impacting portions of the Southeast and Middle Atlantic Region this coming weekend. The GFS has been hinting at this for the past several runs, as well as the EURO, but the GFS has been more bullish in terms of higher snowfall. The previous ECMWF have hinted at this up until 12z but totals were way down. Now the ECMWF is becoming more in line with the the GFS run. I live just outside of the Hickory area in Western North Carolina, the 12z GFS has me picking up between 14 to 16 inches, the 12z ECMWF which has now stepped on board significantly has been picking up between 9 to 12 inches. It is looking more and more likely that the CAD will set up along the Eastern Slopes of the Appalachian Mountains behind a weak frontal boundary that will move through on Friday, ushering cold air into the region. Meanwhile, another, stronger area of low pressure is forecast to move from west/east and track near or along the I-85 corridor, while moisture surges into the Southeast and Middle Atlantic from the Gulf of Mexico. Another thing that will need to be watched is the potential for Freezing Rain as the CAD begins to weaken Sunday Evening and WAA begins to creep in. This will likely transition any left over moisture to liquid while surface temperatures remain at or below freezing. Will be tracking and monitoring this potential system closes and will. be monitoring the latest model trends. I will continue to post updates via this thread throughout the week.
  2. The following are free additions that you can use on your WSV3 software. Almany Designs - WSV3 Color Palettes (Click Here) Almany Designs - WSV3 Header Logos (Click Here) Almany Designs - WSV3 Map Styles (Click Here)
  3. The below links are too free color tables in which you can use for your Gibson Ridge products. Almany Designs - Gibson Ridge Level 3 Reflectivity Tables (Click Here) Almany Designs - Gibson Ridge Level 3 Velocity Tables (Click Here) Almany Designs - Gibson Ridge GR Earth Mesoanalysis Tables (Click Here) Almany Designs - Gibson Ridge GR Earth Precip Type Tables (Click Here) Almany Designs - Gibson Ridge GR Earth Satellite Tables (Click Here)
  4. Near Real-Time Lightning Plot total lightning data (intra-cloud and cloud-to-ground) near real-time. 20 to 60 minute combined lightning strikes - https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/60lightning.php 20 to 40 minute combined lightning strikes - https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/40lightning.php 20 minute lightning strikes - https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/20lightning.php (Sampled every 4 minutes) Thunderstorm Outlooks The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma issues convective (thunderstorms) outlooks and discussions for significant weather impacts. Available through Placefile Nation are: Day 1 Convective Outlook & Mesoscale Discussion https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/spcday1.php https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/mcd.php Day 1 Tornado, Hail, and Wind Probabilities https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/tornado.php https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/hail.php https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/wind.php Day 2 and Day 3 Convective Outlooks https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/spcday2.php https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/spcday3.php (Sampled every 30 minutes) Crowd-sourced mPING Data See what spotters and weather enthusiasts see and report. Icons are larger and more representative of mPING data. For example, hail reports are readable without having to hover over the icon. Numerical output is built right into the hail placefile. https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/mping_15min.php https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/mping_30min.php https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/mping_60min.php https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/mping_300min.php (Sampled every 4 minutes) Observations Placefile Nation brings over 10,000 color-coded observation data to GR applications, making them easy-to-read. With our METAR observations, visually see the wind direction and speed, along with gusts, temperature, dew points, pressure and visibility. The center plot will depict the weather conditions reported. https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/metars.php (Sampled every 20 minutes) Placefile Nation now brings additional color-coded observation data. The links below are individual placefiles for temp, dewpoint, visibility, wind gusts, and heat index. https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/temps.php https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/dp.php https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/vis.php https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/gusts.php https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/hi.php (Sampled every 20 minutes) Atlantic Hurricane Tracks Visually see forecast tracks of Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. Only visible near radar covered landmasses. https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/nhc.php (Data sampled every 10 minutes from NHC) Other Various Placefiles (Various Locations) AHPS River Gauges - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/ahps.php Buoy Data - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/buoys.php Flood Warnings - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/flw.php Local Storm Reports (SPC Only) - http://www.meteor.iastate.edu/~ckarsten/chase/placefiles/spc_reports_fast.php OK Mesonet (Full) - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/ok_full.php OK Mesonet (Minimal) - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/ok.php METAR 1 hr Precip - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/loop_ohp.php METAR Aviation - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/aviation.php METAR Classic - http://places.allisonhouse.com/free/places/feed/index.php METAR Dew Point - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/Tdd.php METAR Heat Index - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/heat.php METAR Pressure - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/P.php METAR Temperatures - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/Tf.php METAR Visibility - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/vis.php METAR Weather - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wx.php METAR Wetbulb - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/Tw.php METAR Wind Gusts - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/WG.php NAWN Plot - http://www.northamericanweather.net/members-placefile.txt NEXRAD L3 Attributes - https://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/request/grx/l3attr.txt ProbSevere v2 - https://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/severe_conv/NOAACIMSS_PROBSEVERE Radar Status Level II - https://placefilenation.com/Placefiles/radar_status.php SPC Watches - https://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/request/grx/watch_by_county.php Special Weather Statements - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/sps.php SPOT Forecast (12hr) - http://gr.wxjoe.com/spot-12hr.txt SPOT Forecast (24hr) - http://gr.wxjoe.com/spot-24hr.txt SPOT Forecast (Past week) - http://gr.wxjoe.com/spot-168hr.txt Spotter Network - Reports - http://www.spotternetwork.org/feeds/reports.txt Spotter Network - Position & Reports - http://www.spotternetwork.org/feeds/gr-all-no.txt WPC Day 1 Probabilities (Ice 0.25") - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wpc_day1_ice.php WPC Day 1 Probabilities (Snow 4") - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wpc_day1_prob4.php WPC Day 1 Probabilities (Snow 8") - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wpc_day1_prob8.php WPC Day 1 Probabilities (Snow 12") - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wpc_day1_prob12.php WPC Day 2 Probabilities (Ice 0.25") - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wpc_day2_ice.php WPC Day 2 Probabilities (Snow 4") - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wpc_day2_prob4.php WPC Day 2 Probabilities (Snow 8") - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wpc_day2_prob8.php WPC Day 2 Probabilities (Snow 12") - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wpc_day2_prob12.php WPC Day 3 Probabilities (Ice 0.25") - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wpc_day3_ice.php WPC Day 3 Probabilities (Snow 4") - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wpc_day3_prob4.php WPC Day 3 Probabilities (Snow 8") - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wpc_day3_prob8.php WPC Day 3 Probabilities (Snow 12") - http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/wpc_day3_prob12.php
  5. You can check out the requirement specs for WSV3 Here. I have personally have WSV3 a few times on my Windows PC. Although you have a lot more options with WSV3, you will need quite a bit of free space and a great internet speed to get the best optimal experience from you. If you are looking for something that will provide you with general weather features like Satellite, Radar, METARs, Recon Data, etc., but doesn't require as much space on your PC and doesn't lag down your internet speeds, I would suggest Gibson Ridges GREarth with a subscription to the AllisonHouse data for it.
  6. Looks like the Pacific Southwest may finally see a little bit of relief. It appears a few areas of Low Pressure look to bring some much needed rainfall to areas of Southern Cali, and the four-corners region. This is a much needed site for these areas.
  7. Personally, I am ready for Winter again. What about you guys?
  8. Quick Update... Still, no organization with this system, and, as expected condition remain unconducive for any development of this system as it moves slowly toward the NE/NNE over the next several days and merges with the frontal boundary that is currently pushing through the Mississippi River Valley. I have still seen one source out there giving this system a 20%/30% chance for development over the next five days, but going to have to personally refute this. Even the NHC is stating now that conditions appear unfavorable for any further development. The image provided below shows the area in which the system is moving and the low-shear environment around the High Pressure that is back toward Bermuda. As the frontal boundary continues to advance Eastward over the next couple days and this system slowly tracks up the East Coast Seaboard, shear is going to remain unfavorable for development. Don't see the hype with this system, maybe cause it's early and the Hurricane Season hasn't started or something, I don't know. I am going to lock this thread. Given the very odd/rare chance that something may try to spin up, then it can be re-opened, but do believe everyone with the Organization has a better chance of a bird crapping on their head at the same time, before this system becomes Tropical or even Subtropical for that matter.
  9. System off the East Coast of Florida continues to be disorganized as expected. Again, did not buy into anything coming of this system even when the NHC went with the 20% chance of slow development. Shear across this region remains to strong and although there is quite a bit of convection associated with this disturbance, the likelihood of anything tropical in nature with it still remains non-existent. The frontal boundary that is coming through the Central part of the U.S. will begin to absorb this disturbance over the next couple of days. I have seen a website, that I am unfamiliar with that first jumped the gun with this system giving it hype, that jumped on board with development even before the NHC did, and even then I find myself wondering how board you have to be. For the NHC to jump on board with this, knowing environmental conditions across this region weren't and aren't going to be conducive for this disturbance to become anything other than a heavy rain-maker, just baffles me. Don't get me wrong, I respect the NHC and the Forecasters there, but this just seemed a little far fetched, though I guess it did make a good practice run for them. 😉
  10. Given the interaction with the Bahamas, the disturbance off the southeast coast is still poorly organized this morning. Wind shear across this area this morning is anywhere from 25 kts to 40 kts and looks to remain this way for the next couple of days. Still, believe the NHC has jumped the gun with this system. Although, if this was later into the Season, the system coming off of western Africa would be something to watch for sure lol. Who knows, maybe this is a precursor of what is to come this season.
  11. The NHC has apparently finally stepped on board with this, giving it a 20% chance for slow development once it starts to turn away from the Eastern Seaboard. Do not buy into this as shear across this region is going to remain unfavorable for this to happen. Guess we will just have to wait and see. Methinks that NHC and stuff just wants to get to work.
  12. The NAM does have a cut-off low in the latest run, but it is well south of Cuba away from the main area of convection and surface trough. Very doubtful that anything other than sporadic showers comes from this system. High Pressure to the North and the Cold Front across the Central part of the Country will also hinder an formation of any potential low.
  13. WSV3 isn't a bad program actually at all. Despite yes, there is the Satellite issue, but that is due to switching to GOES 16, the transition to pull that data into WSV3 hasn't been made yet. I have been using the program for going on a month now and considering it's only $25 a month, you get more bang for your buck in my honest opinion than what you would with GREarth. At the end of the day, it comes down to the individual and what you are looking for.
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